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Premium mini moisture filter

Powerful and overwhelming filter performance, where there is no filter
as a premium mini moisture filter that can be used at an affordable price
All sections of compressed air are kept tight.

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    Ease of Use

    Direct connection to spray gun/air gun
    Can be mounted on the waist using a clamp

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    Best value for money

    at a low price
    best air quality

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    great usability

    Can be used in all directions, up, down, left and right
    Moveable while in use, 360˚ rotation possible

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    No filter replacement required and
    Maintain initial performance

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    mighty performance

    Powerful and overwhelming filter performance
    All sections of compressed air are kept tight.

Affordable for use where there is no filter
Premium mini moisture filter

Piping corrosion, the biggest factor in quality deterioration of pneumatic equipment
A semi-permanent filter that removes 99.9997% of moisture and is free from damage and corrosion

Experience the air fin, the best choice for moisture removal.

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    Manual + regular discharge combined use
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    Separation method

    Complex centrifugation

    patent technology

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    maximum flow

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    maximum allowable pressure

    9.9 bar
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    connection size

    1/4” (8A)
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  • Serial multicyclone with
    Moisture and foreign matter removed
    perfect air

    Responsible for the end of air
    mini moisture filter firfinn_logo

    Complete removal with an Airfinn

    • Rust
    • Water
    • Oil
    • Particle

in the true sense handy type filter

all air equipment
It is responsible for extending life and sanitation of air.
  • Medical Equipment

  • Air Tools

  • Car Maintenance

  • Dusting

  • Air Tools

  • Spray Gun


warranty service

Don't worry if you need repairs! Airfin provides Lifetime Warranty


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Moisture discharge method
The air fin adopts a drain method for both manual + regular discharge.
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  • 1st
    speed controller

    turn to discharge Depending on the amount of incoming moisture
    open and use

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  • 2nd
    valve core

    press and release When the water starts to overflow
    Press to eject additional

1st and 2nd discharge required




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