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After a pleasant leisure life, the best choice for your safety

you can always see around you Airguns,
Are they really safe?

You can find an air gun wherever snow or dirt can get on your clothes or shoes, such as mountains, parks, golf courses, and ski resorts. activating the air gun For this, an air compressor is used, and the inside of this air compressor is made of metal aluminum or iron alloy. low corrosive If metal is exposed to moisture or foreign substances for a long time, internal corrosion will eventually occur. Also, there is an issue of heavy metals in fine dust recently, so when air is compressed, the compressed air has a high concentration of heavy metals. this unpurified Direct spraying of compressed air on the skin can be fatal to health.

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    Compressed air quality test result in clean area of ​​Jeju Island

  • In the sunny area of ​​Jeju Island
    Heavy metal levels measured very bad

    Compressor Compressed Air Component Analysis

    [Jeju National University Life Science Technology Innovation Center Test Analysis Report] Compressed air heavy metal component analysis result [mg / kg]

    plumbum 4.02
    standard value for harm to the human body
    402 times
    cadmium 0.15
    standard value for harm to the human body
    30 times
    iron 1,509.53
    standard value for harm to the human body
    755 times
    mercury 0.29
    standard value for harm to the human body
    290 times
    inspection process
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Contaminated dusting that threatens safety
Compressed air quality control such as removal of fine dust, germs, and heavy metals is essential

Teslon's serial multi-cyclone method purifies fine dust and harmful substances in the air
Experience the performance of the compressed air filter eSeparator.

You can use it with confidence with safe and clean air.
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