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The best filter for clean food that perfectly meets the HACCP certification standards

How is compressed air (filter) used in food manufacturing?

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    Container cleaning and sterilization

    Containers such as injected plastic and glass bottles Bubble + compressed air cleaning, After chemical and UV sterilization, pressurized air Spray to dry quickly.

  • 02
    powder transfer

    Powdered milk, powder, etc. It can be transported to each place of use.

  • 03

    Open the lid or stopper with strong pressure. It can be moved and sealed.

  • 04
    control valve

    Essentially used in automation facilities Control valve with compressed air You can use it to adjust.

  • 05
    air blade

    Airblades for various purposes Can be used

  • 06
    vacuum container making

    After making the external mold, according to the internal shape spraying compressed air to can be crafted.

  • 07
    carbon dioxide injection

    by compressing carbon dioxide You can spray hard.

  • 08

    In food manufacturing facilities, soil or Remove dust by using an air gun can be cleaned.

  • 09
    food manufacturing

    Compressed air for milk, ice cream, etc. You can use it to mix the product evenly.

Perfect response to food HACCP standards
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    Korea Food Safety Management Certification Institute Compressed air management plan Perfect response
  • Small, general HACCP certification,
    Follow-up management, hygiene inspection, re-certification prepare

    Issuance of product certificate
    Free consulting on compressed air management, such as installation location and specifications by use
    Follow-up hygiene check
    Compressed air management ledger form provided, quality monitoring using Purity (AM01)
    Installation location, follow-up management for re-certification: 1 year free A/S, 1:1 new product exchange at 1/2 price after 1 year
    Application case
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International standards for compressed air such as filters
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    ISO 8573 - ISO 12500

  • ex01
    Compressed air management international certification standard ISO8573~1~7

    ISO 8573 : Standards to classify hazardous substance types, specify air quality levels, and measure pollutants

    Microbial testing during compressed air management ISO8573-7

    Test condition (example) and unit: 1 bar, cfu/m3 (bacteria, yeast, etc.)

    Compressed air filter performance international certification standard ISO12500-4

    ISO 12500 : Standards to test and evaluate the performance of compressed air filters [oil aerosol, oil vapor, particulate (dust), water (moisture)]

    Dissolution standard of compressed air filter

    Heavy metal and hazardous substance dissolution standard test report suitable for food production environment (Can refer to standards for domestic utensils and containers and packaging)

  • filter performance apply_img24

    ISO 12500-4

  • filter harmful substances apply_img25

    Heavy metal, elution standard

  • microbial reduction apply_img26

    Microbial test results of a large domestic food company (Company L)

Example of filter installation
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  • apply_img28
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1. Filters, etc., are periodically cleaned of lubricants, moisture, etc., or compressed air is hygienically managed by replacement, and the used filter is confirmed with a test report to ensure that there is no risk of harm to food.

2. Periodic monitoring is carried out according to filter specifications (usage time, etc.) and the exchange cycle is readjusted The filter exchange cycle can be lengthened or shortened depending on the frequency of use




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