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Korea’s first compressed air air quality measurement kit

quality (quality) + Purity (purity) Real-time, anyone can monitor immediately
You can check the quality of compressed air at low cost.

  • pd_img01

    HACCP hygiene management

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    Easy way to measure

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    Real-time check available

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    Affordable price

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    Possible to check whether food is indirectly sprayed

The most convenient and most reliable compressed air quality control measurement kit

HACCP Perfect response solution

Due to the nature of compressed air piping, it is difficult to check the degree of contamination because the inside is opaque.
“After the problem occurred, I checked and started managing”
This reactive response is costly and time consuming.

On the other hand, Purity can conveniently measure the quality of compressed air and check it in real time without expensive equipment.
(Available to measure microorganisms, oil, and foreign substances)

  • Chapter 01
    Compressed air moisture management
  • Chapter 02
    Compressed air dew point management
Comparison before/after monitoring
  • purity_img01

    Before monitoring

  • purity_img02

    After monitoring

press : 3 bar flux : 160L/min hour : 10minute
HACCP custom solution
Stage 1 (moisture)
  • solution_img01

    No moisture condensation on top surface
    If transparent, suitable

  • solution_img02

    Moisture condensation on the upper surface
    If it turns hazy, unsuitable

Stage 2 (stalls)
  • solution_img03

    Even after 1 minute, the color of the silica gel
    If it doesn't change suitable

  • solution_img04

    Some silica gel colors in 10 minutes
    If discolored unsuitable

Changing the future of compressed air purity_logo

The new AM01 measures the quality of compressed air.
Periodic compressed air management (measurement) required for HACCP certification, hygiene inspection, and re-certification

HACCP Compressed Air Management Procedure
  • haccp_icon01

    1. Confirmation of use and cross-contamination of compressed air

  • haccp_icon02

    2. Establishment of compressed air hygiene management standards

  • haccp_icon03

    3. Periodic inspection management (monitoring, facility and cleanliness management, etc.)

Compressed air quality control
HACCP Food Indirect Spraying Criteria
company side
  • 01

    Manufacture of hygienic
    and safe food

  • 02

    Systematic hygiene management /
    reliability improvement

consumer side
  • 01

    Provide safe food to consumers

  • 02

    Opportunity to choose food


Necessity of compressed air management

Due to the nature of compressed air piping, it is difficult to check the degree of contamination as the piping is opaque.
Dealing with these problems after they occur requires a huge amount of money and time

Problems and Disadvantages of Existing Products
  • short-lived

    Because it is a one-time measurement, outside the measurement time In response to the ever-changing flow rate Risks that occur cannot be prevented.

  • intractable

    Sensitive to foreign matter and measuring very cumbersome
    (line off, measured over 1-20 hours)

  • complicacy

    Data analysis is very complex, common worker It's hard to do.

  • high price

    Existing products are burdensome in excess of tens of thousands of dollars.

purity_logo의 장점
  • in real time

    Because the process of change is visible in real time You don't have to wait a long time.

  • everyone

    Because it is very simple to use Anyone can use it easily.

  • easily

    to the existing air piping Because you can just connect There are no cumbersome and difficult processes.

  • immediately

    How long does it take to get results It's only 10 minutes, so The line can be restarted immediately after the test.




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